Zach Sanders

Earlier this year we spent a week with Atlanta artist Zach Sanders recording his debut EP "Losin' It."

There are 5 tracks on the EP that range from energetic rockers, to stripped down ballads. Zach was joined by a killer group of session players including Grayson McGrath (drums), Landon Jordan (guitar), and Sam Bedingfield (bass). You can stream the title track here and find the EP in its entirety on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.


Songs For Your Television

Sometimes when we're bored we record random songs and pitch them for television placements. My buddy Cody Marlowe and I compiled a few of these tracks into an EP entitled Songs For Your Television; which we have released on Spotify, iTunes and anywhere else you stream music online...

The online version includes 4 songs and the coolest artwork you've ever seen, featuring my super slick vintage television that we use as an end table here at The Vault. We have also released a physical CD version that includes two bonus tracks. You can pick one up at a Cody Marlowe show, or you may be able to order one online if you contact him and harass him long enough.
So far we have been featured on a few terrible shows on TLC and The Science Channel. Keep your ears peeled and let us know if you hear us blaring from a television near you!