Live from the vault... Cody Marlowe

In an age of digital editing, pitch correction, and endless production possibilities, its refreshing to hear a raw performance of a song. Here at the vault we believe that great music always boils down to an individual, or a group of individuals, who have developed a craft; artist's with the ability to create an experience... to portray a feeling that people want, using only their voices and instruments.

We have decided to kick off a new thing. Periodically, (once a month?... whenever we feel like it?) we will invite one of our favorite songwriters to the vault for a stripped down live-performance recording session. All we will give them are a couple of microphones, a couple of beers, and an opportunity to share a few songs. It will mostly be individuals, maybe duos, we'll see. The recordings will be "as is;" no editing, no fixing, correcting, or overdubbing; screw ups and forgotten lyrics included. The recordings will be shared free for anyone who enjoys a genuine performance.

Our hope is that this will allow us the opportunity to expose some of the raw talent that is out roaming around bars, venues, arenas, coffee shops, wherever... and that it will help to inspire artists to become the next great American Songwriter, instead of another American Idol.

To kick it off, we've invited our good friend and session writer for the studio, Cody Marlowe. We are currently working on pre-production for his new record... Here are a few extra songs he had laying around. Enjoy; and if you're into it, please pass it along...

Bonus track "Oak Tree" available at

Catch Cody live at Eddie's Attic on July 3rd.